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Leading Hotel Chain Rolls Out LED Bulbs at Luxury Dubai Sites

The JW Marriott chain of hotels has recently launched a scheme in which ‘green’ and eco-friendly practices will be integrated across the entire portfolio of hotels. The Marriott name is considered to be one of the most prominent and important names in the world of leisure today, and they have luxury accommodation in all of the world’s largest and most important cities, so their switch from halogen light bulbs to energy-efficient LED light bulbs is a very important one within the industry.

It was the Marriott Hotel Dubai, along with the Marriott Dubai Harbour Hotel, which have spearheaded the campaign to minimise the whole company’s carbon footprint and ensure each hotel’s sustainability. The two sites are perfect examples of Marriott’s commitment to preserving the local and global environment, and the leading hotel chain could well pave the way for hundreds of other leisure venues to follow suit. The initiative is also expected to be rolled out across all of Marriott’s hundreds of hotels in many of the world’s most influential cities, which play host to important businesspeople, celebrities and significant global figures every day.

Investing in LED light bulbs for businesses is a strong environmental decision for JW Marriott, and will undoubtedly have a great effect on the amount of emissions they create overall. But the decision is also a shrewd and important one in terms of business; the total investment that it cost to purchase and install the bulbs across the two hotel venues will be repaid in just over twelve months, simply through the amount of money saved on power conservation and electricity provision. LED lights also have the added benefit of producing much less heat than the old halogen light bulbs, meaning that in the sultry temperatures of Dubai, air-conditioning at both hotels can be cut by 10%, saving on yet more bills, and cutting down on emissions even further.

The benefits of switching from halogen light bulbs to LED light bulbs or other energy-saving lighting solutions for businesses are multitudinous. Not only does the switch project an image of a conscientious and environmentally responsible company, it also cuts down on emissions and bill payments across the board. The business side of the decision makes great financial sense, and is a strong way to convince clients and customers that they are doing business with an organisation that is accountable for their emissions. The lights are available as single bulbs or in bulk packages for businesses, and the vast majority of the newer bulbs have also been created so that they are compatible with many of the old light fixtures and fittings.

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Created by Steve Ellwood on 5th June, 2013


Steve Ellwood

Steve Ellwood

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