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LED Bulkheads

With incredible lifespans, the ability to resist water and dust ingress, and fantastic illumination levels, our range of LED bulkheads are suitable for offices, commercial premises, and outdoor spaces that require significant levels of light. Complete with robust guarantees, these high-quality LED bulkhead lights offer the perfect lighting solution for many applications. Longer lasting and more energy-efficient than incandescent or halogen equivalents, LED bulkheads use a semi-conductive material to produce light, limiting heat output and protecting the environment. A diverse range is available, with multiple wattages and colour temperatures, all manufactured by the most trusted UK brands including, Red Arrow and V-Tac.

What is a LED bulkhead?

An LED bulkhead is the new LED equivalent of the traditional bulkhead fitting but with higher energy efficiency and increased lamp life. With built-in LEDs that lower replacement costs and last for thousands of hours, you have low energy consumption for high-quality lighting. We also stock CCT colour selectable LED bulkheads, allowing you to change the colour temperature of your light at a moment's notice. LED emergency bulkheads are also available so you can be sure that your emergency lighting is durable and reliable. Backed by a 5-year warranty, many products have an impressive 35,000 hours of lamp life, giving you a light that will last many years.

How do you change a bulb in a LED bulkhead light?

LED bulkheads do not require replacement bulbs as they have LED lights integrated within the fitting. These bulbs can last up to 35,000 hours, reducing the need for replacement and therefore reducing replacement costs. If you do buy a fitting that requires bulbs, we recommend you using LED bulbs to increase the longevity of your lamp and energy efficiency. LED bulbs are also better for the environment and have a lower running cost.