LED Crown Silver Light Bulbs

Introducing the Megaman Crown Silver LED light bulb, a beautiful Clear Glass 60mm diameter GLS bulb with a Silver Crown top. For faultless mirror lighting and decorative lighting applications the quality doesn’t get better. This LED is a direct retrofit for a conventional incandescent lamp with a Bayonet Cap, Edison Screw or Small Edison Screw base. This bulb is rated at 5 watt or 7 watts, the equivalent of a 40 watt or 60 watt incandescent and emits a Warm White colour temperature.

LED Crown Silver Light Bulbs Continued

Furthermore Megaman has now brought to the market a Dimmable Crown Silver lamp, fully dimmable from 10-100% that works off a conventional dimming switch.

In addition to the aesthetic appeal  this bulb also benefits from all that LED technology has to offer; savings of 80% on energy usage, an impressive 30,000 hour lamp life, excellent colour rendering, high lumen maintenance and no mercury content or UV radiation. This stunning lamp also offers instant start technology; all together a superior lighting solution that enhances retail displays and mirrored applications by bouncing light off the surface of its silver crown and projecting it backwards to create glare-free illumination.