LED Daylight Flood Lights

oIntroducing our range of LED Daylight Floodlights; all energy efficient, robust and economical light sources for a diverse range of applications. LED Floodlights are ideal replacements for energy hungry halogen and incandescent floodlights, offering instant savings in energy usage of up to 90%, a lamp life of up to 50,000 hours, excellent light output and very good colour rendering.

LED Daylight Flood Lights Continued

Daylight LED Floodlights offer maximum light for the minimum energy consumption giving objects the best contrast possible, ideal for warehousing, sports venues, domestic and commercial security lighting and so much more.

Bring on Spring with BLT Direct’s Range of Daylight Light Bulbs

Spring is approaching at what seems to be snail’s pace; the mornings and evenings are steadily getting lighter and despite monumentally bad weather across the country in recent weeks, tempera...

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BLT Directs LED Flood Lights Are Ideal for Commercial Cost-Cutting

BLT's range of LED floodlights is helping businesses save hundreds on their energy bills.

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