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LED Daylight Bulbs

Daylight Bulbs are part of our extensive offering of LED lighting solutions. This technology, designed to emit light that covers the full spectrum of natural daylight, is useful for industrial, commercial and even domestic applications. With over ten varieties of LED daylight bulbs on offer, we make it easy for you to gain the benefits of clear, crisp daylight.
The colour temperature of Daylight light bulbs is 6500 kelvin which promotes a bluish-white stark light recommended for laboratories, sports, hospitals and care homes, which provides a crisp and vibrant light and enhances contrasts. In domestic applications, it is used for seasonal affective disorder.

Compared to most incandescent bulbs, daylight led light bulbs can last much longer whilst consuming far less energy, making them a cost friendly and environmentally friendly way to provide any space with natural lighting. Savings of 90% on energy use and running costs can be instantly achieved when making the switch from incandescent or halogen lighting to using  daylight LED lights.. Truly a long lasting and reliable solution for a number of applications, these Daylight Bulbs can provide any environment with natural, clear lighting for up to 30000 hours.

What are the benefits of Daylight Bulbs

Colour Matching

Daylight Bulbs allow you to see colour and match them correctly accurately.

Colour Temperature

Burning at a colour temperature of 6,500°K, they are ideal for colour matching, contrast and clarity. 

Light Spread and Intensity

Our extensive range of daylight led lights can provide the correct light intensity for various commercial and domestic applications. 


Daylight bulbs give the user great clarity and allow you to see detailed tasks easier and work for longer periods of time. This can reduce eye strain, promoting less glare and eye comfort.

Low Heat

Due to their low heat output, LED bulbs have a low heat output and re safe to touch, even after long periods of use, making them an ideal choice if you are working close to them.

Energy Efficient

Daylight LED light bulbs and provide efficient lighting and reduce energy bills.