LED Flat Panels

Introducing the innovative LED Flat Panel; an energy-efficient, eco-friendly replacement for traditional grid based fluorescent luminaires. These LED lights switch on instantly, dissipate very little heat, contain no hazardous substances and consume up to 90% less energy than a conventional lamp. Furthermore these panels feature exceptional light output over a 50,000 hour lamp life.

LED Flat Panels Continued

LED Panels emit a uniformity of flicker free light that conventional lamps cannot achieve making them a perfect lighting solution for office, airport, shopping centre, hospital, educational and commercial environments aiding well-being and performance.

The simple, clean lines and flat surface of the LED Panel avoids the build-up of dust and the polycarbonate diffuser provides an easy to clean, wipeable surface.  In addition each LED panel is IP20 rated offering protection against dust and moisture. In a choice of sizes and colour temperatures ranging from Cool White to Daylight, these panels also come in emergency versions.