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G4 LED Bulbs

At BLT Direct, we’re proud to be one of the UK’s leading stockists of G4 LED bulbs. Available in a variety of colour temperatures, these bulbs are incredibly cost-efficient and are ideal for use as decorative fixtures in areas such as lounges and bedrooms. This means you shouldn’t struggle to find something appropriate that suits your needs. These low voltage bulbs come complete with two pins that are placed just a few millimetres apart. You are more than welcome to contact us at any time if you do have any queries about our affordable high-quality G4 LED light bulbs. We stock G4 LED light bulbs from some of the most reputable and trusted manufacturers around.

Dimmable Cool White Warm White

Can I replace a G4 halogen with LED bulbs?

If you want to replace a G4 halogen with an LED bulb, you will need to check the compatibility first. Make sure the G4 light bulbs that you want to buy are compatible with your lighting fixtures. Most G4 LED bulbs operate on DC voltage, so some people require a transformer or a new transformer so they can work them. A great reason for replacing a G4 halogen with an LED G4 is that they can help you reduce your energy consumption by around 88%.

What is the brightest G4 LED bulb?

If you require a particularly bright G4 LED bulb, help is at hand. LED G4s can offer luminous efficiency of up to 75 lumens per watt, whereas halogen G4s can only normally give you around 15 lumens per watt. There are also many options available to you when you require a more ambient bulb offering much lower levels of light.

Can you get G4 LED light bulbs?

At BLT Direct, we stock a huge range of G4 LED bulbs. The bulbs that we offer come in various colours. These bulbs are commonly used for accent lighting, in table lamps, chandeliers, ceiling lights and in offices, hotels and shops.

What size is an LED G4 bulb?

LED G4 bulbs vary in size. Some are around the same size as their halogen equivalents, but some are not. If you do need help with identifying the correct size for your needs, you can get in touch with us at any time.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with BLT Direct if you are ready to learn more about our LED G4 bulbs, including our dimmable, cool white and Philips versions . There are various colour temperatures to choose from, and you can expect your G4 LED bulbs to last much longer than their halogen counterparts, offering up to 30,000 hours of use. Our G4 LED bulbs also provide omnidirectional light.

You can reach us today by completing the form on the website or by giving us a call on 01473 716418. We can also be found on various social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Do G4 LED Bulbs Need a Transformer?

If you are swapping your old halogen G4 bulbs for more energy efficient and eco friendly LED G4 lighting then you will also need to change the power supply. While halogens use a halogen transformer, LED bulbs will use a LED driver, which acts in the same way. We have many LED drivers on our website that are suitable for running low wattage LED G4 bulbs, and can ensure that your bulbs get the right amount of current to avoid damaging them and increasing there overall longevity. If you have any questions regarding LED drivers and how they relate to your LED g4 bulbs please get in contact with us on 01473 716418 or via the form on our website.