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LED Globe Light Bulbs

LED Global Bulbs are a great way to save energy in your home and upgrade old incandescent bulbs with the added options of a different colour temperature or finishes including a wide reange of colours and tint effects. These efficient bulbs are available in wattages from 4.5w up to 15w (the equivalent of 50w – 120w), and they can save as much as 90% in energy consumption – savings which quickly translate into lower energy bills.

Dia 125mm E27 Bayonet Cool White Dimmable Calex Girard Sudron

The LED Globe bulbs are available in a number of different colour temperatures, including the popular Daylight and Warm White options, which are great for feature lights in homes. You’ll also find bulbs here from the biggest brands in the light industry, including Sylvania, Minisun, Girard Sudron and Verbatim – so you’re guaranteed high quality.

Many of these bulbs come with the Edison Screw or Bayonet Cap bases, so they’re a direct replacement for many bulbs around the home. No need to install any new light fittings or fixtures – just screw or click your new bulb into place and enjoy immediate energy savings.

What diameters are LED Globe Bulbs available in

The most common sizes for LED Globe Bulbs are 95mm and 125mm diameter however with the evolvement of LED technology more manufacturers have produced different variations including 80mm, 150mm, 200mm and larger giant versions up to 380mm in size. The giant versions have become particularly popular in restaurants ans hotels as feature lighting.