LED Ground Lights IP68 Rated

A range of LED Ground Lights IP68 Rated available in a choice of styles, finishes and diameters. TheseLED ground lightsare IP68 rated meanaing they are 'totally protected against dust and against long periods of immersion under pressure.' Applications forLED ground lights are many and varied; tree/plant/statue illumination, pathways, markers, lobbys, decking, water features, ponds, swimming pools, spa baths, dance floors, stage lighting, driveways, walkways and entrances to name but a few.

LED Ground Lights IP68 Rated Continued

LED Ground Lights IP68 Rated are available in spot and flood light versions and are manufactured in robust stainless steel.These LED ground lights have very low energy consumption and will give you up to 100000 hours of maintance free, energy efficient LED lighting.

Colour temperatures; White, Warm White, Blue, Red, Amber, Green and Colour Changing. 
Wattages; 0.5w, 1w, 3w and 6.7 watt. 
Finishes; Silver and Antique. 
Styles; Round, Square and Slot Light. 
Diameters; 36mm, 40mm, 60mm, 75mm and 98mm.