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LED GU10 Light Bulbs (240 Volt)

Thousands of homes and businesses across the country use GU10 light bulbs – but for those looking to cut their energy costs and do something to help them environment, why not switch to LED GU10 light bulbs? These ultra-efficient LEDs are direct retrofit replacements for the traditional halogen GU10s – except they can reduce energy consumption by an incredibly 90%.

Along with the exceptional energy reductions, these high-quality LED GU10s can last for up to 50,000 hours, and have a very cool running temperature. The high-intensity light source is ideal for a plethora of different applications, so whether you’re seeking an energy-efficient bulb for your home or business, you’ll find a solution here.

The LED GU10 collection here at BLT Direct is expansive to say the least. With a multitude of colour temperatures on offer, as well as different wattages and beam angles, you’ll surely find the perfect lighting solution for your own needs. You can also browse dimmable LED GU10 lamps that give you even more control over your energy consumption.

BLT Direct prides itself on offering customers the biggest brand products at the lowest prices. You’ll find LED GU10 bulbs from Sylvania, Crompton, Megaman and Prolite here, all at discount prices that will save you money in the long-term.