LED Coloured GU10 Light Bulbs

Our wide selection of LED coloured GU10 light bulbs makes it easy to add atmosphere, create fun party effects and form decorative displays. At BLT Direct, we have a huge range of LED coloured GU10 light bulbs to choose from, as well as a versatile programmable colour changing light bulb.

LED Coloured GU10 Light Bulbs Continued

These coloured LED spotlights use up to 90% less energy than traditional halogen GU10 light bulbs, saving you money with the lower running costs. Whether you are looking for coloured LED spotlights for use in stage lighting, Halloween or other festivities, weddings, retail displays, and other creative uses, you will find what you need in our range of LED coloured GU10 light bulbs at BLT Direct.

These reflector coloured LED spotlights are direct replacements for standard halogen GU10 lightbulbs, offering an impressive 50,000 hours of lamp life compared to the conventional bulbs. Available as a 1.8W or 3 Watt bulb.

New Range of GU10 LED Bulbs from BLT Direct

BLT Direct, one of the country’s foremost providers of lighting solutions, has released an extensive new range of GU10 light bulbs, designed specifically to create perfect illumination levels...

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Price Range Reductions on LED GU10 Bulbs from BLT Direct

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LED, or Light Emitting Diode is the term used to describe a semiconductor diode that emits light once an electrical current passes through it. In lighting, LED Light Bulbs are a leading energy saving alternative to conventional Halogen or Incandescent Lamps.


Replacing wattage as the standard unit of brightness, Lumens is a new measure introduced with the arrival of energy saving and LED Light Bulbs. This was due to these types of bulbs being able to emit the same amount of light as conventional equivalents, with a greatly reduced power consumption.


The GU10 base is distinguishable by the 2 pins 10mm apart and 'twist and lock' installation. The most popular light bulb of this type is the Halogen 50 Watt Standard GU10 Lamp, however energy saving and LED GU10 Light Bulbs are also available.


An initialism for Surface Mounted Diode, SMD refers to mounted LED chips on PCB (Printed Circuit Board). Surface Mounted LED's were one of the first iterations of LED Light Bulbs.


RGB refers to the colours Red, Green and Blue. At BLT Direct we use RGB to describe colour changing light bulbs, for example our RGB LED Light Bulbs.


COB is a form of lighting technology that can be found in LED light bulbs. COB is an acronym for Chip On Board and is the most up to date LED technology. Typically this style of lamp is manufactured from 9 or more diodes.

Here at BLT Direct we stock a wide range of COB LED light bulbs which includes LED GU10 and LED MR16 light bulbs.

Beam Angle

Beam Angle refers to the spread of light that comes from a spotlight style light bulb. The most popular beam angle is 36 degree (medium beam angle suitable for most purposes). Also available in spot (12-13 degree) and flood (60 degree).

We offer various beam angles in GU10, MR16 and PAR light bulb styles.


A socket is a hollow object that is used to contain the light bulb base. Sockets are connected to the electrical supply to transfer the power to the base. There are many types of bases in circulation, some of the most popular include Bayonet, Screw In and GU10s.


Dimmable refers to whether the lumens on a light bulb can be varied (brighter/dimmer) while still maintaining reliability. Incandescent and Halogen light bulbs are dimmable as standard, when buying Energy Saving CFL or LED light bulbs please ensure you are ordering dimmable versions.


Brightness is the term used to describe the effect of luminance on an observer. The maximum brightness is said to be found in Pure White whilst the minimum is expected to be found in Pure Black.

Instant Start

Instant Start is the term used to describe the instantaneous ignition of a light bulb. The term can be used in reference to Control Gear and LED Light Bulbs.