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LED Light Bulbs

If you’re looking to switch to energy-efficient light bulbs, LED light bulbs are the perfect option. LED bulbs are a highly versatile lighting solution that will easily turn any of your existing light fittings into a lower-cost and more efficient source of light in any room.

LED light bulbs consume around 90% less energy than your traditional incandescent or halogen light bulbs, which results in them being far less expensive to run. By installing these lights you can expect your electricity bills to become more manageable, and at the same time you’ll be working to save the environment—it’s a win-win!

At BLT Direct, we offer an extensive range of LED light bulbs and additional fittings that come in a variety of wattages, temperatures, cap types and styles. We cater to any of our customer’s needs to ensure that whatever your requirements are, we have the ideal low-cost and efficient LED alternative for you. If you’re looking for the perfect LED lighting to add to your home, we stock LED GU10 and MR16 light bulbs that are dimmable and able to create a welcoming atmosphere in any room. You can combine these bulbs with LED G4/G9 capsule lamps in small places like cabinets and shelving to highlight certain areas of your home.

For industrial use, LED bulbs can be relied upon to bring the bright, white light needed to keep you productive and focussed. There are many other applications where LED light bulbs are ideal, for example, the wide beam of light from a PAR lamp is perfect for the stage lighting industry. With LED lighting, you can be totally creative and customise your lighting to fit your needs, which has made it a popular choice among both budding, and professional, interior designers. If you want to make your space completely unique and portray a certain mood, LED is the best option. At BLT Direct, not only do we supply a substantial variety of LED light bulbs that are suitable for a number of applications, but we also offer the LED power supplies that will help you to implement LED technology in your home or office space quickly and easily.

Are there any disadvantages to LED Light Bulbs?

One main disadvantage is the price, LED bulbs are typically a bit more expensive than traditional bulbs when you first buy them. But the good news is that you’ll quickly get your money’s worth as they last far longer and cost much less to run.

What is the difference between LED light bulbs and regular light bulbs?

LED light bulbs are very different to your traditional bulbs, mainly because of their energy efficiency. It takes a lot less energy to power LED bulbs, this means that they are much better for the environment, last longer and also cost you less money.

Another difference is the way that they produce light. In regular, incandescent bulbs, there are filaments that produce heat and light when connected to an energy supply. LED bulbs create light through the flow of electrons, this allows light to be created with almost no heat being produced. LED bulbs produce the same amount of light as your traditional bulbs but do so in a way that’s more cost-effective, customisable and eco-friendly.

Can you put an LED bulb in a regular light fixture?

Most light fittings and sockets are standardised, so in theory, you should be able to replace your current bulb with a LED one without having to make any adjustments. As long as you have the correct wattage LED bulb for the socket, there’s nothing to worry about. The only type of fixtures that may be tricky to install LED lights in is certain older fixtures with dimmer switches, air-tight fittings or multi-bulb fittings. If you’re worried about whether you can use an LED bulb in your fixture, you can always get in touch with our helpful and friendly customer service team who are always on hand to assist.

What LED bulbs replace a 100 watt light bulb?

It’s very simple to replace your current light bulb with a LED alternative, you can check which bulb is appropriate by looking at the wattage of your original bulb, and the new LED bulb. If you’re currently using a 100W light bulb, if you want to switch to LED you would want to look for 10W. We’ve put the alternative wattage figures on all of our product pages to make it easier for our customers to figure out the correct LED bulb alternative they need to replace an existing light bulb.

What are the different colours of LED bulbs?

The colour of light can have a big difference on the atmosphere of your room. Whether you want a soft, warm light or a harsh, white light, you can easily customise your space using an LED bulb. LED bulbs typically come in 3 types of white; warm white, daylight and cool white. Warm white has a yellow tint that gives a warm effect that gives a similar look to traditional light bulbs. Daylight white mimics normal daylight so is slightly more blue in tone, this is perfect for studios or cellars where daylight is preferable. Finally cool white is a very neutral shade that’s best used in offices or workstations where you want a cosy, but not clinical, atmosphere. LED bulbs are also available in a range of solid colours, including red, blue, green, yellow, pink, purple and more.

How long do LED light bulbs last?

LED bulbs are perfect for those looking for a long term lighting solution. The average LED light bulb lasts for up to 30,000 hours, with some even reaching 50,000-70,000 hours! This dramatic increase in lamp life compared to incandescent bulbs is due to the bulbs method of generating light. Because an LED doesn't heat a filament like traditional bulbs do, they do not burn out as fast and have many more years of use, saving you money on replacing bulbs.

How do I dispose of a LED bulb?

When disposing of your LED light bulbs you must be careful as they cannot be disposed of in your usual household waste. This is because of the electrical components that they contain. When you’ve finished with a light bulb, you should take it to a waste disposal site near where you’re allowed to throw away electrical components.

Can you control the level of light with an LED light bulb?

Unlike traditional incandescent light bulbs, you are not usually able to dim LED light bulbs. At BLT Direct, we do offer a range of dimmable LED lights that you can browse but you can also select bulbs that cannot be dimmed. If you have selected an LED that is not dimmable, the only way that you’re able to adjust the amount of light that’s emitted from the bulb is by selecting the right bulb in accordance with the amount of light that you want.