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LED Light Bulbs

At BLT Direct, we offer an extensive range of LED light bulbs and additional fittings that come in a variety of wattages, temperatures, cap types and styles. We cater to any of our customer’s needs to ensure that whatever your requirements are, we have the ideal low-cost and efficient LED alternative for you. If you’re looking for the perfect LED lighting to add to your home, we stock LED GU10 and MR16 light bulbs that are dimmable and able to create a welcoming atmosphere in any room. You can combine these bulbs with LED G4/G9 capsule lamps in small places like cabinets and shelving to highlight certain areas of your home.

For industrial use, LED bulbs can be relied upon to bring the bright, white light needed to keep you productive and focussed. There are many other applications where LED light bulbs are ideal, for example, the wide beam of light from a PAR lamp is perfect for the stage lighting industry. With LED lighting, you can be totally creative and customise your lighting to fit your needs, which has made it a popular choice among both budding, and professional, interior designers. If you want to make your space completely unique and portray a certain mood, LED is the best option. At BLT Direct, not only do we supply a substantial variety of LED light bulbs that are suitable for a number of applications, but we also offer the LED power supplies that will help you to implement LED technology in your home or office space quickly and easily.