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LED Light Fittings

The future is illuminated with our excellent and comprehensive product range of LED Light Fittings, all manufactured using high-grade materials and guaranteed to last. LED light fittings offer extremely low energy consumption, impressive durability and cost-effective solutions for a multitude of residential, retail, industrial and commercial applications. We stock and supply a comprehensive range of stylish, functional and unusual internal and external LED light fittings. Whether you require LED Floodlights for event and display illumination; LED downlights to add bespoke lighting to kitchens, bathrooms or hallways; LED battens for retail or domestic applications, or LED panels for retail or industrial applications, we have the LED solution right here. Within each category is a detailed choice of products, each with individual specifications including application, wattage, dimensions, lifespan, IP rating and colour.

What type of LED light fittings are available?

LED light fittings are available in a plethora of types and styles, suitable for any lighting project. LED battens, panels and lowbay lights make for brilliant retail or industrial lighting and have high lumen outputs, designed to light up shop floors, warehouses or offices. If you are looking for a domestic fitting, then LED downlights, floodlights and wall lights are perfect for illuminating homes and gardens.

What are the pros and cons of LED integrated fittings?

LED integrated fittings are light fittings that do not require a bulb because the LEDs are built into them. For example, instead of an empty downlight that you screw a bulb into, a LED downlight will have LEDs within the glass cover, producing light. 
Many advantages come with LED integrated fittings, one of which being that you do not need replacement bulbs when they die. LED floodlights and LED downlights are also more secure with integrated LEDs because there is no bulb to vibrate and shake lose and are less likely to be damaged. 
A disadvantage of these fittings is that if they are damaged or come to the end of their lamp life then you will need to buy a new fitting rather than just a replacement bulb. Also, unless you buy a colour changing fitting, you cannot replace the bulb to change the colour of light, making them less adaptable than a typical bulb and fitting combination.