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LED MLF GX53 Light Bulbs

If you’re seeking a replacement for a compact fluorescent GX53 lamp, look no further than these LED MFL GX53 options, which come with a multitude of benefits when compared to its older predecessors.


The LED alternatives are high-quality, cost-effective, supremely energy-efficient and kind to the environment – all enormous plus points when shopping for replacement light bulbs. They’re also direct retrofit replacements for the older compact fluorescent models, which means there’s no need to overhaul your light fittings and fixtures to accommodate these bulbs.

The energy savings produced by these LED alternatives are excellent. When compared with halogen bulbs, CFLs offered savings of 60% - which sounds impressive, until you discover that the LED options reduce energy consumption by a colossal 90%. In addition, the impressive lamp life of 50,000 hours means consumers are turning to these bulbs in their droves.

The bulbs come in 3w or 5w options, with a choice of narrow to wide beam angles. Available in Cool White, Warm White or Daylight, you’re sure to find the LED MLF GX53 bulb to meet your needs right here at BLT Direct – at low prices that simply won’t be beaten.