LED MR11 (GU4) Light Bulbs (35mm Diameter)

The LED MR11 lamp will be of interest to anyone looking to save energy and reduce their electricity bills. These efficient lamps are a direct replacement for the older halogen MR11 bulbs (also known as GU4 bulbs), and they can reduce energy consumption by as much as 90%. These LED models also have a much longer lamp life, lasting up to 30,000 hours, which means they’ll need fewer replacements over time.

LED MR11 Light Bulbs Continued

The LED MR11 uses a maximum of 4w of electricity – some of them can create high-quality light with just 1w. They come in a range of different colour temperatures, including conventional Cool White and Warm White, and the more interesting Green, Yellow, Pink, Blue and Red. These coloured bulbs are best suited to commercial applications like hotels, restaurants and special events.

These lamps are very diverse, and you’ll find models from all the leading lighting brands, including Kosnic, Megaman and Aurora. Shop the full collection today at BLT Direct.