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Best Selling LED MR16 Light Bulbs (12 Volt)

If you’re seeking a high-quality alternative to the older halogen MR16 lamp, why not simply make the straightforward switch to an LED MR16 light bulb? The benefits are undeniable, with the main advantage being the exceptional energy-saving credentials of these more efficient bulbs. Simply switching a halogen MR16 to an LED MR16 can result in a 90% reduction in energy consumptions – a reduction which will be most noticeable when the first energy bills arrive.


These LED alternatives also last much longer than traditional halogen bulbs, with a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. Those keeping an eye on their budgets will notice that they don’t need to splash out on new bulbs as often, saving them even more money in the long-term.

The 12-volt bulbs come in wattages ranging from just 1.8w all the way up to 10w (the equivalent of 15w up to 50w) and they emit light of a very high quality. The lights also come in a wide variety of colour temperatures and beam angles, so you’re sure to find a bulb for any purpose or application.

Browse the vast collection of LED MR16 bulbs at BLT Direct today. You’ll find products from the leading bulb brands, including Kosnic and Crompton – and all at supremely low prices.