LED Power Supplies

LED technology is making an increasingly growing impact on the lighting industry with the ever expanding number of LED light bulbs available. Many of these LED lamps are Low Voltage products and as a result it is important to make an informed decision about the choice of power supplies for these bulbs. An LED Driver, also known as a lighting Transformer or Power Supply, is necessary to reduce the voltage from 240V (mains Supply) to 12 Volts.

LED Power Supply Units Continued

Because conventional transformers operate at 20 Volts or above many LED lamps will not work as the majority of these lamps are rated at well below this wattage. The answer is to replace the old transformer with an LED Driver or connect several LEDs to it to meet the minimum load requirement.

There are two types of dedicated LED power supplies, for cluster LED lamps and for super bright single LED lamps. Each Driver has a maximum wattage capacity or load. Additional features include short circuit and overload protection and an average lifespan of 30,000 hours. Each Driver is Tested & Approved to latest safety & EMC standards-EN61347, EN61547.