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LED Reflector 120mm Diameter (PAR38) Light Bulbs

LED reflector light bulbs are ideal replacements for older, less eco-friendly reflector bulbs. Offering the very latest in LED technology, these bulbs offer an exceptional retrofit replacement for existing halogen reflectors, while offering incredible energy savings of up to 80% and a 40,000-hour lamp life.



Most commonly used as decorative or accent lighting, especially in retail, hospitality or museum environments, they can also be used within homes, creating bright and modern, or softer, atmospheric lighting in living spaces or bedrooms – depending on the Wattage.

The bulbs are available in Wattages between 7.5 W and 15 W (equivalent to 35 W – 125 W), and mainly come with Edison Screw bases, which is one of the most popular types of base. If your home or business is already kitted out with Edison Screw fixtures, you’ll be able to slot these light bulbs in without any hassle.