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LED Reflector/PAR & Spotlight Bulbs

At BLT Direct, we stock a comprehensive range of LED Reflector/PAR (Parabolic Aluminised Reflector) and Spotlight bulbs to provide you with ideal task and directional lighting for commercial, domestic and retail use. Check out our FAQs at the bottom, or call our friendly sales team on 01473 716418 if you require additional information.

What is a reflector LED bulb?

Unlike a regular LED bulb, reflector LED bulbs contain dozens of tiny reflective surfaces around the bulb area, which help to focus and direct its beam of light much more efficiently, producing bright, intense light. As a result, LED reflector bulbs are commonly used for flood and spotlight applications, coming in various colour temperatures, lumen outputs and sizes.

Can I replace halogen spotlight bulbs with an LED?

Yes, you can replace a halogen spotlight bulb with an LED bulb to benefit from the greater efficiency of LED technology. It is as simple as a straight swap by matching the bases of the halogen and LED bulbs. Due to these light bulbs also running off mains, there are no complications with drivers. Further reinforcing LED bulbs are the ideal retrofit replacement.

What are the different PAR bulbs?

Each PAR light bulb has a corresponding number after the name to distinguish the bulb's diameter. For the name and associated diameter, see below:

  • PAR 20 - 63mm Diameter
  • PAR 30 - 95mm Diameter
  • PAR 38 - 125mm Diameter

Similarly to PAR bulbs, R bulbs (which stands for 'Reflector') are also followed by a number to distinguish their diameter:

  • R39 - 39mm Diameter
  • R50 - 50mm Diameter
  • R63 - 63mm Diameter
  • R80 - 80mm Diameter
  • R95 - 95mm diameter
  • R120 - 120mm Diameter
  • R125 - 125mm Diameter