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LED Reflector/PAR & Spotlight Bulbs

Significantly reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs by replacing standard halogen Par lamps with LED Reflector Light Bulbs. Each LED lamp is a direct retrofit for a comparable halogen Par lamp, e.g. the 50mm diameter LED replaces a halogen PAR 16 lamp, and the 120mm LED replaces the PAR 38 halogen etc. These LED light bulbs offer instants savings of up to 90% in energy usage and boast an impressive 50,000 hour lamp life which impacts hugely on lamp replacement costs.

These lamps come in a choice of wattages ranging from 4W to 15 Watts (40-125W equivalent) and colour temperatures through to White spectrum to Colour Changing. The reflector lamp is a very popular light source commonly used for continuous lighting in stores, offices and reception areas, as well as for floodlighting, architectural lighting and mood lighting applications. Coloured LED reflectors are particularly well suited to accent and display lighting. Overall this lamp is a versatile, high quality light source that features exceptional energy and cost efficient advantages.