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LED Spotlights

If you're looking for an energy-efficient, environmentally friendly way to light indoor and outdoor areas, then LED Spotlights are perfect for you. LED spotlights are a versatile and high-performance light fitting that enables the user to rotate the light and change the angle of the beam. LED spotlight bulbs have a lamp life of up to 70,000 hours and last for many years longer than a traditional halogen bulb, lowering replacement costs over time. LED spotlights also have more colour temperature options, which allows you a greater selection of styles for your home or garden. With less power consumption and better light quality, the benefits of LED spotlights speak for themselves.

Can I replace old downlights with LED Spotlights?

It's important to understand that downlights and spotlights are two separate light fittings and can act differently. Typically downlights are recessed into the ceiling and point downwards with no manoeuvrability, whereas spotlights are wall or ceiling mounted with a rotatable light. You can replace downlights with a spotlight if you use a ceiling-mounted spotlight; however, some spotlights are wall-mounted and are not interchangeable with downlights. Spotlights are more versatile when compared to downlights as they are a multi-directional light fitting; this should be taken into account when choosing spotlights over downlights.

Do LED Spotlights use a lot of electricity?

LED integrated spotlights use very little energy, saving up to 90% compared to a halogen equivalent. Some LED spotlights have a wattage as low as 1 watt, a dramatically reduced power consumption compared to halogen spotlights. With lower power consumption comes lower running costs and reduced carbon footprint, saving money and the environment simultaneously. Solar and PIR LED spotlights are now available to further increase energy efficiency.

Are integrated LED lights better?

Integrated LED lights are light fittings that have LEDs built into the fixture, replacing the need for a bulb. This reduces the replacement costs of changing bulbs and makes the unit more secure overall. Integrated LED lights have a higher average lamp life than fittings that use screw-in or clip-in LED bulbs and are a vast improvement on previously used halogen light fittings.