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LED Strip Light Builder

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Step 1: Choose The Colour Of Your Tape...

We offer LED strips in the below colours:


Step 2: Choose The Type Of Tape You Require...

We offer LED strip that is suitable for indoor, outdoor and fully submersible applications. Please select your required type below.


Step 3: Please Choose The Total Number Of Individual Lengths Of LED Strip That You Require For Your System

If you have one length of tape, you will select 1. If you have three lengths of tape, you will select 3.

After you have selected the number of runs, at the next stage we will ask you the lengths of each of these runs.

Step 4: Please Tell Us How Long Each Run Is...

Current total length: 0 metres.

Step 5: Are All Lengths Powered From One Position?

Please tell us below if your electrician has wired a single power point for your LED strip or multiple power points.

Your Kit Is Ready To Be Built

From the information that has been provided we have determined that you are looking for a strip kit that matches the below criteria:

  • Colour:
  • Type:
  • Number Of Runs:
  • Length Of Run 1: m
  • Length Of Run 2: m
  • Length Of Run 3: m
  • Number Of Power Supplies:
  • Total Wattage Of Low Lumen Tape:
  • Total Wattage Of High Lumen Tape:
  • Driver Required (Low Lumen):
  • Driver Required (High Lumen):
  • Amp Required:
  • Connectors Required:

Generate your kit by clicking the build my kit button below:

Find Below Your Kit Options

Thank you for using our online LED Strip Kit builder.

Below you can find the components that make up your kit and the total price for that kit.
Some of our LED tape is available in low and high lumen output versions and if your choices allow we will show both options below.

Low Lumen Output Option





High Lumen Output Option