LED Strip Light Kits Continued

What IP rating do I need?

Our kits have varying IP ratings enabling you to use them in different environments such as under kitchen cabinets and ponds/water features. Here's some information on different IP ratings and where it can be used.

  • IP20 - For indoor use such as behind TV's and up stairs.
  • IP65 - This is splashproof and for use in kitchens and steamy bathrooms.
  • IP67 - Used in outdoor lighting.
  • IP68 - General usage is in swimming pools, ponds etc. at depth of up to 1.5m.

Colour Options

You can choose from different colours such as Warm White (3000k), Cool White (4500k) and Daylight (6500k). You also have the option to choose RGB colour changing, this strip comes complete with an Infrared remote giving you the power to change it to any colour you like.

Warm White is used in traditional rooms keeping in line with the cosy atmosphere whereas Cool White and Daylight is used in modern applications such as kitchens and bathrooms.

How to power your LED strip

LED strip comes in 12v and 24v so you will need a power supply to run it. You need to choose the correct power supply for your desired length of strip, in our specifications it will tell you how many Watts per meter it is, you have to multiply this by the length of strip you want and then choose a LED power supply that will take a higher load. For example if it's 6.36W per meter and you have a 3 meter strip, the total Wattage is 19.08 so our 30W LED Driver would be the ideal choice.

LED strip checklist

  • LED strip – Choose you're desired length of strip in the colour you want.
  • LED driver (power supply) – Work out your total wattage and choose the correct driver.
  • Strip Connectors – If you plan to cut your strip for use around corners, you will need to buy connectors.
  • Profile – You can install LED strip within diffused aluminium profile for a more finished look.
  • 3 Pin Plug – If you plan to plug your strip in, you will need a 3 pin plug to wire on.

Don't hesitate to call one of our experts on 01473 716418 for information and advice on LED strip.