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LED Torches

LED Torches are by far more superior and efficient than the conventional incandescent or halogen bulb torch. In a choice of sizes and styles including the LED 2 in 1 Torch/Lantern you can be assured of a minimum 50 hour useable light form one set of batteries. That is 10 times longer than with an incandescent light bulb. We only stock high quality torches, ergonomically designed for comfort and grip. The Energizer brand of torches is designed to last for 15 years!


The LED ‘combined Torch and Lantern’ is an innovation in that it is a spotlight and area light all in one compact torch. The beam on this torch lights to an impressive 51 metre distance. Each torch contains a super bright, ultra-efficient LED light bulb that lasts 8000 hours, so no more unscrewing torches to replace blown lamps. These LED lamps require AAA batteries to operate (not included).