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Lighting Around The Home

Enhancing colour, décor, creating atmosphere and accenting focal points, the right lighting can make or break a room when it comes to interior design.

There are four types of basic lighting that you will use in and around the home. And when used correctly, they will bring your home to life, make sure you utilise your space, and of course create just the right atmosphere for you and your family.

Main: This is generic lighting – usually in ceilings – that makes the room visible and people able to complete general tasks.

Task: This lighting is often used close to places of work, such as on desks to create a light focus for the task in hand.

Accent: This lighting is what adds atmosphere and ambiance to rooms. Frequently used to set the mood, it is often found in the form of wall lights.

Focal: This type of lighting has grown in popularity in recent years, and is used to highlight features, such as artwork and interesting fireplaces.

So where should you use these lights?


Main Lighting: **Good ceiling lights are important in a kitchen – specifically around worktops where good visibility is needed. Angled spots are ideal to create a changeable atmosphere.

**Task Lighting: **Task lighting can be used to emphasise certain areas, such as cookers, to create an illuminated space for cooking and prepping.

Accent Lighting: Accent lights under cupboards create a softer glow, while kitchens that have an eating area will always benefit from accents around the table.

Living Rooms:

Accent Lighting: This will be the go-to for those overhauling living room lighting. Wall lights and soft floor lamps will provide this in abundance.

Task Lighting: Living rooms are the ideal place to curl up with a good book, so task lighting, in the form of a table lamp at the side of a seating area is a must.

Main Lighting: Main overhead lighting will ensure rooms can be lit should they need to be. Statement light fittings generally work well to add a real talking point.

Focal: To complete the list, focal lighting will provide a wonderful addition to living rooms and provide real talking points for guests.

Dining Rooms:

Main Lighting: To light up the table, mains lighting is the preferred lighting of choice for many thanks to its bright nature.

Accent Lighting: Accent lighting can also work well to create a soft, after dinner glow.


Accent Lighting: This is the main lighting option for those looking to create a stunning but subtle ambiance in bedrooms. Wall lights are perfect, as are bedside lamps.

Task Lighting: Task lighting is great for next to beds to illuminate the immediate area. Try popping a brighter bulb in a bedside table to create this look.


Mains Lighting: Main lighting is probably the only option here. Glass or ceramic light fittings work best in bathrooms as they are waterproof and will not rust.

Entrances And Hallways:

The choice is your with entrances. A grand entrance hall will soak up a bold statement mains lighting, while a smaller space will benefit from soft wall lights to create an inviting space.

Created by Steve Ellwood on 30th March, 2017


Steve Ellwood

Steve Ellwood

Qualified as an Electrician, founder of BLT Direct