Low Voltage Energy Saving Light Bulbs (12V & 110V)

The introduction of the energy saving light bulb has transformed the lighting market over recent years. There is a vast selection of such lamps available in many styles, shapes, wattages, colours and also voltages. Detailed here is a range of Low Voltage Energy Saving Light Bulbs in 12 Volt and 110 Volt versions. These lamps are designed as direct replacements for standard low voltage lamps for fitting into existing fixtures.

Low Voltage Energy Saving Light Bulbs (12V & 110V) Continued

The wattage range of these bulbs is 11 Watt to 20 Watt, which is the equivalent output of 60 Watt to 100 Watt incandescent bulbs.

Designed with specific applications in mind the 110 Volt Spiral Energy Saving Light Bulb is targeted at On Site applications, although they are suitable for alternative 110 Volt light fixtures where appropriate. Saving 80%in energy usage compared to an incandescent these long life (8,000 hour) lamps feature Amalgam technology to achieve premium performance and a high-efficiency tri-phosphor coating with excellent colour rendering. The 12 Volt Energy Saving lamps also offer the same 8,000 hour lifespan and 80% reduction in power consumption. These lamps are DC (Direct Current) only and are commonly used in boat and caravan applications or where a 12V power source is available.