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Lumens By Room

When it comes to lighting your house, the options can seem vast. Do you need bright light to make everything stand out, or is a softer light better? What about your bedroom – which lumen is best for creating a cosy atmosphere, but will still ensure you can navigate your way around easily?

Although it can all seem confusing on the surface, it doesn’t have to be. All you need is a little cheat sheet to get you started and you’ll be well away. So lucky for you, we have jotted down everything you need to know for illuminating your pad!

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What Is A Lumen?

Firstly, let’s start with the technical bit; what is mean by ‘lumens’? Lumens essentially measure how much light you are getting from an LED bulb. The more lumens on offer, the brighter the light, and vice versa. So how many lumens do you need in each room of your house?


There’s a lot that goes on in a kitchen – as well as a lot of sharp objects, too. We recommend anything from a 1000 lumen LED to a 1600 lumen LED bulb to make sure it is bright and airy. It’s also worth looking for cooler temperature bulbs as these can help to keep you alert!

Dining Room

Some prefer a bright light when eating, whereas others prefer a more atmospheric ambiance. With this in mind, we suggest a mid-range 440 – 800 lumen bulb to light up dining areas. However for the sake of argument, a dimmer switch may work best in dining rooms. Warmer temperature bulbs make it appear softer – even if it’s bright!

Living Room

This is the place you relax, so a softer light usually works best. Anything from a 230 – 440 lumen should suffice and offer a stunning, soft setting for cosy nights in. again, a warm light works best.


Like living rooms, bedrooms are built to be relaxing spaces. The lower end of lumens is recommended, such as a 230 or 270 lumen light in a warm temperature. It’s also wise to invest in some bedside lamps to really create an inviting space.

Home Office

Home working is becoming more popular than ever before. You’ll want bright lights places around the room, but not so many that it blinds your computer screen. A couple of 400 lumen spotlights would work well, but if you’ve just got the one light source, an 800-1000 lumen bulb will work, too. And like the kitchen, you want a cool temperature to keep you motivated.


A bathroom is probably the trickiest room in the house. Some prefer to get in and out quickly, whereas others see it as a serene space. However spotlight are common in bathrooms, so a couple of 330 – 400 lumen light should work well. You can change the effect by choosing a warm or cold temperature.

Created by Steve Ellwood on 20th February, 2017


Steve Ellwood

Steve Ellwood

Qualified as an Electrician, founder of BLT Direct