Mackwell Integrated Modules

Mackwell Integrated Modulesare products in Mackwells range ofcontrol gearthatcombine ahigh frequency ballastand emergency lighting unit complete and ready to fit into a luminaire. The high frequency ballast operates the lamp in both mains mode and emergency mode.

Mackwell Integrated Modules Continued

The high frequency ballast in the Mini Integrated Module incorporates soft starting to maximise the lamp life, and automatic shutdown to prevent ballast failure when the lamp reaches end of life or is removed. These modules eliminate the need for mains control gear. Features of Mackwell Integrated Modules include deep discharge protection and testing of the luminaires without subsequently flattening the batteries.

Wattages; 9w, 10w, 13w, 16-21w, 18-26w and 28 watt.
Output Voltages; 3.6v and 4.8 volts.
Dimensions; Height 33mm, Width 73mm, Length 150mm.