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Mackwell Modules

Mackwell Modules are products in Mackwells range of emergency control gear. These modules are suitable for self-contained emergency lighting applications and should only be used with NiCd re-chargeable batteries. Mackwell Modules are maintained high efficiency modules operating lamps on switch start or HF circuits.

This control gear comprises battery charger, solid state automatic device operating a changeover relay, deep discharge protection circuit and LED charge indicator.

Wattages; 4-8w, 4-70w, 5-8w, 6-8w, 9-13w, 9-16w, 10-16w, 11-28w, 13-20w, 13-28w, 15-20w, 15-40w, 16-21w, 16-28w, 18-36w, 18-40w, 18-70w, 24-58w and 80 watt.