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Make The Switch To LED Lightbulbs To Save In The New Financial Year

With the new financial year fast approaching, companies everywhere will be looking to make savings from the off. Often however it can be hard to make cuts when there are seemingly more holes to jump through. Luckily for businesses however, BLT Direct, one of the country’s premier suppliers of lighting and accessories to businesses up and down the country, has the answer for cost-conscious managers and leaders.

LED lightbulbs have long been hailed as a saviour of the planet. A simple and quick swap that helps to reduce carbon footprints and make homes and businesses infinitely greener, they now light up spaces all over the world. But aside from their green credentials, they’ve also enabled many to cut down on their bills, too. And according to the lighting experts at BLT, this can go a long way in helping to slash shrinking budgets, both in private and public sectors.

“Switching to more cost-effective forms of lighting can save companies a significant amount of money every single year,” said Steven Ellwood, Managing Director at BLT Direct. “It may seem like a far too simple task and one that wouldn’t actually make that much of a difference, but the figures can be surprising.”

It’s estimated that switching from a traditional 50 Watt halogen lightbulb, to a more eco-friendly 50 Watt equivalent LED spotlight, can save around £81 over the course of its lifetime. And when totalled up to numerous lightbulbs that illuminate offices in businesses, this can actually equate to thousands over the course of a bulb’s life.

Steven, added, “Lighting is key to a workplace. Not only can the right lighting keep employees alert and focused, but it’s also a key safety feature. Many offices have more than twenty lights in a single building, with larger offices boasting many more. Therefore this £81 saving per bulb can really add up in a short period of time and help to keep budgets down.”

To find out more about BLT Direct and their range of lightbulbs that are paving the way for greener ways of working for businesses all over the UK, visit the website:

Created by Steve Ellwood on 3rd April, 2017


Steve Ellwood

Steve Ellwood

Qualified as an Electrician, founder of BLT Direct