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Megaman Light Bulbs

Megaman is a brand synonymous with the design, development and manufacture of world class energy saving lighting solutions. Using the latest LED and Compact Fluorescent Lamp technology Megaman have created and continue to create an extensive range of light bulbs that offer excellent energy saving properties, whilst cutting maintenance costs and power consumption. Megaman Light Bulbs are perfect replacements for old style incandescent and halogen lamp.

The benefits of switching to these energy saving light sources are immediate; energy usage is cut by up to 80%, lamp life is increased to 15,000 to 20,000 hours for CFLs and 50,000 hours for LEDs. In addition each Megaman lamp is manufactured using environmentally friendly techniques, with LED lamps containing no mercury. 

We have categorized the Megaman Light Bulb range according to lamp type; within each category you will find a comprehensive list of products with individual specifications. Megaman products deliver superior performance and the diversity of light bulbs available is extensive; from an LED candle lamp to an Energy Saving R7s floodlight, a miniature Lilliput lamp to a dimmable AR111 CFL you will to find the perfect solution right here.