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Mercury Lamps

A comprehensive range of Mercury Lamps that offer a robust, durable and powerful lighting solution for a host of industrial and specialist applications. The mercury vapour lamp is a high intensity discharge lamp that offers good colour rendering and efficiency alongside a lamp life of up to 16,000 hours. Mercury lamps are a popular light source well suited to factory, car park, petrol station, rail and dock yard lighting as well as high bay applications in warehouses and aircraft hangers.

Blacklight blue and PAR38 lamps are application-specific lighting solutions used for effect lighting as well as medical and diagnostic applications, and fault and crack detection in alloys accordingly.
We have categorised these high efficiency lamps into lamp type; within each section is a comprehensive list of products with detailed specifications and applications to aid you in your choice of lamp. Please ensure you have ordered the correct lamp for your fixture as mercury lamps are either self-ballasted or require external control gear to run.