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Mercury Lamps

Our comprehensive range of Mercury Lamps offers a robust, durable, and powerful lighting solution for a host of industrial and specialist applications. The mercury vapour lamp is a high-intensity discharge lamp that offers good colour rendering and efficiency alongside a lamp life of up to 16,000 hours. Mercury lamps are a popular light source well suited to factories, car parks, petrol stations, rail, and dockyard lighting as well as high bay applications in warehouses and aircraft hangers. We stock these industrial-style bulbs in a range of wattages, from 80w to 250w, and in both elliptical and reflector shapes. Browse below to find the perfect mercury bulb for your needs.

What are mercury lamps used for?

Mercury lamps can be used for any general lighting requirement but are best suited for illuminating large areas like streets, gyms, or retail applications. You must check the size of the area and compare that with the lumens of the bulb you want to purchase to ensure that the bulb will illuminate the space effectively. 

Are mercury lamps safe?

There are no dangers of mercury lamps when they are used appropriately. The risks come when the light bulb is damaged or broken as mercury vapour is a toxic element. If mercury particles are inhaled, it may cause damage to the kidneys and lungs. This is why we recommend that these light bulbs are put in a safe location and disposed of appropriately.