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Metal Halide Light Bulbs

Metal halide lamps offer great energy savings without compromising on performance. They emit a high quality of light, best suited to commercial and public applications, including retail outlets, museums, factories, airports, street lighting, and even stadiums. Consumers looking for high efficiency, excellent colour rendering, and long lamp life (up to 32,000 hours in some cases) will find everything they’re looking for in this section.
We’ve split the section into categories to ensure you can narrow down your options fast. Here you’ll find capsule, double-ended, reflector, tubular, and elliptical lamps in a wide variety of wattages, colour temperatures, and base fittings. You’ll also find big-name brands here, from GE and Philips to Sylvania and Venture, all of which have reputations for quality and performance.
Browse our metal halide bulb collection today to find the lamp that meets your needs. If you’re not sure about the lamp you should be ordering, contact our team for help selecting the correct model.

What are metal halide bulbs used for?

Metal halide light bulbs are used for general lighting in a plethora of applications. From retail and commercial to domestic and industrial, these bulbs are an excellent way of providing clear, crisp light. While metal halides are not as energy efficient as LED bulbs, they offer energy savings compared to incandescents and last for longer too. 

Are metal halide bulbs being phased out?

While not all metal halide lamps are being phased out, the UK has taken steps towards reducing the number of less efficient light bulbs on the market. With the growth of energy-efficient and long-lasting LEDs, metal halide bulbs are becoming more and more of a rarity. Luckily, BLT Direct still stock a wide range of metal halide bulbs for any obscure or unique application that requires them. We recommend stocking up now if you need a long-term supply of these bulbs as they may be phased out altogether in the coming months. 

Are metal halide bulbs expensive to run?

Metal halide bulbs have become one of the more expensive ways of lighting your home, thanks to innovations in lighting technology. With energy-saving and LED bulbs on the rise, the power consumption of a metal halide lamp is now seen as a pricey and less effective way of illuminating your spaces. We recommend switching to LED bulbs, which use just a fraction of the power for the same light output. LEDs also last many times longer and have a lower running and replacement cost.