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Microwave Motion Sensor Bulkhead Light Fittings

Looking for an energy-efficient lighting solution ideal for use in stairwells, toilet facilities, changing rooms, and commercial settings? We supply a comprehensive range of durable and reliable bulkheads with built-in microwave sensor features, enabling efficient lighting only when motion is detected. Microwave sensor bulkheads can lower power consumption, are more environmentally friendly, and save you money on your electric bill. With a plethora of brands available and multiple styles, finishes, and colour temperatures on offer, it's no wonder increasing numbers of people are coming to BLT Direct to source microwave motion sensor bulkheads.

How does a microwave light sensor work?

Microwave motion sensors work by emitting waves of electromagnetic radiation that are then reflected back to the receiver. The receiver then analyzes the waves and detects changes that occur, allowing it to recognise movement and send a signal to other devices such as lights or alarms. This technology is commonly used in lighting to increase energy efficiency and lower power consumption costs.

What is the difference between PIR and motion sensor?

PIR sensors and microwave motion sensors use different types of technology to detect and send signals. A PIR sensor is designed to send a signal once it detects infra-red radiation (heat) and is best suited to recognise things like people, pets, or other large warm objects. A microwave motion sensor receives reflected electromagnetic radiation and takes notice of the changes from one wave to the next to detect movement.

Are microwave sensors harmful?

Microwave motion sensors are completely safe to use because they only emit passive radiation, meaning that energy isn't expelled when used. Microwave motion sensors take account of the radiation that reflects back to the device, detecting changes with each wave that it analyses. It then sends a signal based on the differences in data and can be used to sound alarms or turn on lights.