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MiniSun Light Bulbs

Introducing our new range of MiniSun Light Bulbs that includes energy and cost efficient LED lamps in a choice of shapes, wattages and colours as well as exquisite Coloured Squirrel Cage Incandescent lamps. MiniSun have designed and manufactured a range of high quality yet affordable lamps that, in the case of the LED versions, are direct retrofit replacements for existing incandescent and halogen bulbs.

MiniSun has combined the best of current design, with the latest in LED technology to produce this excellent range of products.

We have categorised the MiniSun range in to distinct categories; the LED Corn featuring a built in fan to prevent overheating that is a high powered bulb ideal for warehouse lighting applications; the Globe LED, a stunning 95mm diameter bulb perfect for statement lighting; the Coloured LED which is extremely versatile and can be used to great effect in retail displays, showrooms, corridors, to create atmospheric lighting, add colour to gallery and restaurant illumination and the Incandescent Squirrel Cage, an antique style lamp based on an Original 1930's Bulb and with an average life of 4000 Hours.