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Modern Apartments With Minimal Spotlighting

Modern life suits modern living. And for those in a city, it’s all about sleek, modern apartments. Often light, bright and white, these city-dwellers love open spaces with great areas for entertaining. And as always, lighting is key to creating the ideal look. Spotlights are great for highlighting areas, creating bright working and living areas and making a real feature of unique furnishings. GU10 lightbulbs are often the go-to bulb for this kind of thing, as they provide exceptional light and effortlessly slide into any room.

So if you’re looking for some modern lighting inspiration for your sleek pad, take a look at our spotlight image gallery:

Figure 1 Source

This super glossy kitchen uses spotlights to enhance the natural light that flows in from above and the full length window at the end. The reflective surface on the kitchen units allows the light to bounce around the room and make a small but long space feel much bigger. LED GU10 lightbulbs are ideal for the kitchen as they don’t heat up and can withstand constant temperature changes.

Figure 2 Source

Compact apartments need light to make them feel bigger. This older living space has been given a new lease of life thanks to a mix of lighting that highlights the retro-inspired furniture. The spotlights over the table ensure that cooking and eating can be done under bright light, while also picking up the textures of the painted brickwork and illuminating the mezzanine level above.

Figure 3 Source

Bathrooms can be tricky to light – especially in an apartment. This top floor bathroom boasts ingenious lighting thanks to cleverly mirroring the lines of the sloping roof to create an interesting trio of focal points. GU10 lightbulbs are designed for a number of fixtures so would work really well in a setting like this. They also come in a number of colour temperatures so can help to create either a warm, ‘glowy’ ambiance, or a light, bright bathroom.

Figure 4 Source

Wall lights with a difference. These spotlights create the feeling of a more traditional wall light, highlighting the far edge of the room, but are full-on modern. The small spotlights set in the dark ceiling give the room a cosy edge and ensure that every corner is lit up. LED lights are the best option for bedrooms due to their cool-to- touch nature. GU10 lightbulbs would be ideal here as they could be left on all day without compromise.

Figure 5 Source

This small bathroom makes full use of the available space by creating a real dramatic shower in an otherwise award part of the building. The spotlights in the shower make sure that it always looks light, bright and modern – even when it’s dark outside.

Figure 6 Source

Inspiring spaces can be hard to create, but with a few simple tricks, it can be done. This mini home office doubles up as a relaxing space as well as a work-focussed one. The spotlights that illuminate the computer ensure concentration is maintained, while the softer lighting above the seating area provides a bit of calming respite.

Do you live in an apartment? Has this given you any ideas for lighting up your home?

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Created by Steve Ellwood on 21st February, 2017


Steve Ellwood

Steve Ellwood

Qualified as an Electrician, founder of BLT Direct