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Motion Sensors

External movement sensors designed to operate with a variety of lighting types and systems for both security and energy saving purposes.

Can you put a motion sensor on any light?

The vast majority of out door lights can be converted to a sensor light by adding an external sensor. Typically movement sensors will have a working power range (for example 40-400W or 0-100W) which may limit the type of light you can use.


What is the difference between an active and passive motion sensor?

An active sensor will send out energy (infrared or microwave depending on the sensor type) which will then detect movement upon its return to the uni. However a passive sensor will simply detect infra red energy and activate the electrical circuit accordingly (be it lighting or an alarm system)


Do motion sensors work in the dark?

Both passive and active types of movement sensor will work in the dark and are often used as security systems, by either turning on a light or activating an alarm. Movement sensors that detect infra red can potentially work less effectively or give false readings during very hot days.


Do LED lights work with motion sensors?

LED lighting is compatible with a variety of sensors, however please be aware that certain sensors may have been designed for different technology types such as incandescent, and as such may have a minimum wattage that exceeds the LED lights power draw. Generally modern sensors are compatible, but please check the operating wattage range.