Osram LED T8 SubstiTube Value Tubes

Browse our Osram LED T8 SubstiTube Value Tubes and discover the ideal 'retrofit' tube which has been designed to meet all of your illumination needs. This exciting collection is perfect for the 'green' consumer who is interested in making some energy savings but is also enthusiastic about maintaining the look and feel of traditional lighting.

Osram LED T8 SubstiTube Value Tubes Continued

Peruse our high performance retrofits which are suitable for a variety of situations, but which would be particularly suited to scenarios such as Industrial, Supermarket and Commercial applications where power reductions are especially valued. We are able to offer you a choice of colour temperatures for all of your requirements, including Warm White, Cool White and Daylight. Explore the quality selection which are able to give you an impressive level of efficiency and which have been manufactured by leading names in the global industry.