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Osram Light Bulbs

Introducing an excellent portfolio of Osram Light Bulbs that includes super-efficient LEDs, bright halogens, and energy saving compact fluorescents'; durable and powerful metal halides, superior fluorescent tubes, luminous sodium lamps and a full product catalogue of control gear. With colour temperatures ranging from white to blacklight blue, wattages starting at 0.23W and increasing to 3500 Watts and a choice of 22 cap/base fittings you can be sure to find the lamp you require in the Osram range.

We have categorized the Osram Light Bulb range according to lamp type; within each category you will find a comprehensive list of products with individual specifications.

Osram products deliver superior performance and excellent reliability. Innovative and familiar lamps are created with energy efficiency in mind to bring solutions for industrial, retail, commercial, artistic, functional, and domestic and hospitality lighting. Osram LEDs offer beautiful, low energy consumption, eco-friendly illumination for up to 30,000 hours; metal halides bring light to life in streets, tunnels, stadiums, museums and airports; CFLs are versatile very cost-effective as are fluorescent lamps; halogens offer exceptional colour rendering and HPS lamps provide the highest luminous efficiency of all HID lamps. In addition is our Osram Control Gear range that offers very high safety standards, long service light and high performance for fluorescent, HID and CFL systems.