Osram Linear Vario Dot-It Light Bulbs

A range of Osram Linear Vario Dot-It Light Bulbs. These inventive little Osram Dot-It light bulbs are the perfect solution when you need a handy instant light source. The DOT-it VARIO is a directional tap light, which offers 360° of precise spot lighting. Simply twist the reflector to direct which way the LED light illuminates. Applications for Dot-It light bulbs are numerous; by the bed for reading, on school bags for safety, in the garage, pantry, attic or tent to name but a few.

Osram Linear Vario Dot-It Light Bulbs Continued

Featuring an easy battery exchange through the bayonet battery door and magnetic, adhesive and hook & loop backing options allowing for versatility in mounting these LED light fittings will become indispensable!