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Osram Lightify

Have you ever wanted to control your lights from your phone? Look no further than our Smart LED bulbs, they are the future of lighting.

What are Smart LED bulbs? They are lights that can be controlled from your smart phone or PC.

How do these smart bulbs work? First of all plug in your Osram LIGHTIFY Home Gateway, and install your bulbs in the relevant fittings. Secondly install the app on your iOS or Android device and follow the on screen set up instructions.

What features do Osram LIGHTIFY Smart LED bulbs have? They have a huge range of customisable features, the three basic ones are:

  • You can control the brightness by dimming them up and down on any light.
  • RGB bulbs can change to any colour on the spectrum, from purple in your living room to red in the hallway.
  • The tunable white bulbs can change the colour temperature from cosy warm white to awakening daylight.

There's also 3 great preset features for the Osram LIGHTIFY bulbs:

  • You can choose dynamic scenes such as FirePlace, Ocean and Evening.
  • LIGHTIFY Loop allows you to run through all the colours in a certain time frame set by yourself.
  • The Wake-up Light is the perfect way to wake up feeling fresh and ready for your day ahead, it mimics the sunrise and creates a gradual dimming up to daylight, which can also be combined with a sound if needed. Perfect for those dark winter months.

Personalised features include:

  • Vacation Mode will put your lights on a sequence while you're away on holiday.
  • With Colour Picker you can photograph an object in your home and match your lights to the same colour. You can group lights to rooms or control them individually.
  • Osram LIGHTIFY allows you to connect up to fifty products at one time.

Now is the time to bring your home back to the future with Osram LIGHIFY Smart LED Bulbs.