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Outdoor Spotlights

Outdoor spotlights are one of the most popular methods of lighting your outdoor spaces. Up and down lights and spotlights can be used in a variety of ways including, garden paths, doorways, and seating areas. Fashionable and high quality, our outside spotlights are manufactured by a range of brands, such as UK leaders Minisun and Knightsbridge, and are made using hardwearing components to provide longevity. With IP-rated fittings that are capable of handling rain, wind, and dirt, you can be sure that your outdoor spotlights will last many years and thousands of hours. Our IP rated spotlights are available in a range of finishes and wattages, giving you multiple options to suit your garden layout.

Do I need an electrician for outdoor spotlights?

We recommend that you use a fully qualified electrician to install any light fitting. 

What colour should my outside lights be?

The most common kelvin rating for residential outdoor lighting is between 2700-4000k (between warm and cool white). Warm white lights are typically used to accentuate architectural elements of a garden whereas, cool white light is often used to illuminate plant areas due to its moonlight-like temperature, creating a natural feel.

How many lumens do I need for outdoor spotlights?

There isn't a definitive standard for lumens for each spotlight. The size of the space that needs to be illuminated will influence the lumen output that you require, as a bigger area needs a brighter light. Lumen output will be predetermined with an LED integrated fitting but will dependant on the bulbs used within a bulb-ready spotlight. If you aren't sure about the level of lumens you require, you can contact our experienced team via the form on our website or call us on 01473 716418.

What makes a spotlight suitable for outdoor use?

Outdoor spotlights are not too dissimilar from standard indoor spotlights, with many being universal. However, for a spotlight to be used outdoors, it must have an IP rating that can protect it from foreign elements like rain, dirt and dust. An IP rating is a protection rating that describes a light fittings ability to resist foreign particles from entering and disrupting their function. For outside spotlights, we recommend an IP rating of a minimum of IP44 to keep your outdoor spotlights working flawlessly.