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Philips Light Bulbs

Philips Lighting is a global, market leading manufacturer of light bulbs and their associated products for domestic to professional, industrial to retail and commercial to hospitality applications; from control gear to cutting edge LED technology, for standard and specialist environments, you can be assured of high performance, and reliable efficient products that are cost effective and robust.

Our Philips catalogue of lamps and lighting controls contains solutions for every project and application area from tunnel illumination to horticultural lighting, healthcare lighting to museum display lighting.

We have categorized the Philips Light Bulb range according to lamp type; within each category you will find a comprehensive list of products with individual specifications. Philips products deliver superior performance and the diversity of light bulbs available is extensive. The Philips lighting range includes many energy-efficient products, specifically LED lamps, but also the latest HID light bulbs and energy-saving fluorescent tubes. A new departure is the entertainment and mood lighting ranges that includes innovative lamps offering a staggering array of colours, all at the touch of a remote.