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Philips TL5 Dali Dimmable High Frequency Ballast

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Detailed below is the excellent portfolio of TL5 Dali Dimmable High Frequency Ballasts; slim, lightweight electronic regulating ballasts for single, twin, triple and quad T5 fluorescent tubes rated between 14W and 49 Watts. Utilising DALI or Touch and Dim push-button protocol these units are ideal for office applications where simple, easy to install dimming or personal light level adjustment lighting solutions are required.

 In addition these dimming units can be use with daylight linking, remote controlled and movement detection systems.

Product features include flicker-free ignition, constant light output, and over-voltage protection, preheated electrodes that enable multiple switching without reducing the lamp life and dimming from 1-100%. HF operation offers superior light quality whilst controlled dimming and low stand-by losses make for an energy efficient solution.