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Photocell LED Flood Lights

LED Dusk to Dawn sensor flood lights are a great choice for homes and businesses that need the added security and safety of automatic night time lighting.

Are Photocell LED Flood Lights a good choice?

If you are looking to light up an area for functional or security purposes throughout all the hours of darkness then LED Photocell Flood Lights are the perfect solution. They simply switch on at dusk and of at dawn without the need to have to switch your light on and off manually. Businesses and domestic end users can benefit from dusk to dawn lighting, as it offers a hassle free solution. Fitted with an adjustable lux setting to activate and deactivate the light enables the user to adjust at what level of darkness the unit activates. Other benefits include a high lumen output while only consuming a very little energy making them a great replacement for older halogen flood lights.

Are Photocell LED Flood Lights adjustable.

The only adjustment on a Photocell LED Flood Light is the lux setting which can be found on the rear of the unit which allows the user select the light level at which it will activate. Usually the lux adjustment dials have a sun and moon icon and by rotating in each direction will either make it more sensitive to light levels or less sensitive for example alley way may require lighting on a overcast winters afternoon and adjustment of the lux level dial would compensate for this.

Can one photocell control multiple lights?

LED Photocell Flood Lights are fitted with a individual photocell that can only control that particular Flood Light. If your aim is to control multiple units with one photocell then it would not be possible to do this with this range of products. If this is your requirement then you should purchase standard LED Flood Lights and purchase a separate photocell sensor which can then be wired up to  switch on a number of Flood Lights via one Photocell. Consideration should be given to the total load of the Flood Lights and the max load rating of the Photocell