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Picture Wall Lights

Picture wall lights are a great way to ensure your art becomes the focal point of any room. Suitable for art galleries, museums or just home artwork, these lights are designed to accentuate and showcase paintings, drawings or any other framed artwork. Choose from a range of finishes that complement your colours, or pick from a selection of styles that fit your theme.
These picture wall lights run on mains voltage and require small capsule bulbs, a plethora of which we have at BLT Direct. Choose from cool, warm or daylight white for a classic tone or even mix things up with coloured capsules.

Are picture lights old fashioned?

Picture wall lights are not old fashioned by design and can be in any style that you require. There are many options when looking for lights for framed pictures. Many people actually want an antique style picture wall light to add character and history to an art piece, similar to a museum or art gallery. Luckily BLT Direct stock brass picture lights for those looking for a classic look. 

What is the best light for artwork?

You can fit any LED capsule into these picture wall lights, cool, warm, daylight or even coloured. The colour temperature of your bulbs is dependent on what effect you want the lighting to have. A warm white bulb will soften the tones on your art and has a yellowish tint. Cool white is often referred to as pure white because it has the least amount of colour influence. Daylight white replicates daylight with a slight blueish hue, this allows you to see colours and shapes more accurately. 
If you want the most accurate representation of your art, then we recommend using daylight bulbs.