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PIR Motion Sensor Bulkhead Light Fittings

A Passive Infra-red (PIR) sensor provides motion-detected illumination, making these bulkheads an energy-efficient light source ideal for home security and safety. These lights also help the environment as they do not waste energy and only turn on once activated. Our PIR bulkhead lights are available across all colour temperatures and multiple wattages, so you don't have to compromise to get the perfect PIR bulkhead for you. Another added benefit of our PIR bulkheads is that they work in any weather, during both the day and night, so you have a security light that is always alert to any movement. Take a look at our comprehensive range of styles of bulkhead to suit any outdoor application.

What is a PIR bulkhead?

A PIR bulkhead light is a wall or ceiling-mounted light fitting that uses passive Infra-red technology to switch on or off. This technology works by using sensors to detect the infra-red radiation emitted or reflected from an object, for example, someone entering a room. This saves energy and lowers cost by only turning on once movement is detected, which decreases power consumption throughout its use. PIR bulkhead lights can be used for security applications and outside lighting, such as pub gardens or garden walkways. This efficient technology is combined with a durable and hard-wearing bulkhead fitting, making your PIR light long-lasting.