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Plant Growing Light Bulbs

High-quality plant-growing light bulbs are essential for those who rely on plants for their livelihood. These unique bulbs mimic the natural light spectrum that they’d usually receive from the sun, so that plants can grow and thrive indoors. Available in fluorescent and high-pressure sodium models, these plant light bulbs enhance growth and development, and are essential in horticultural environments.

Sometimes known as Grolux, Growlux or Agro lamps, the plant-growing light bulbs available from BLT Direct are of the highest quality. They encourage good leaf, bloom colour and extra branching, creating healthy and long-lasting plants.

Energy-saving is a key factor to consider when buying any kind of light bulb these days, and the plant-growing lighting solutions available from BLT Direct are all highly efficient. They have a long lifespan and excellent energy-saving credentials, which is ideal for those keeping an eye on their budgets. Browse the full range today.