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PLL 18 Watt Blacklight

PLL 18 Watt Blacklight
This is a 2G11 light bulb cap base
2G11 Cap/Base
PLL 18 Watt Blacklight
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Part No: PLL18BL
5 stars, 2 customer reviews
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PLL 18 Watt Blacklight
5 stars, 2 customer reviews
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QuickFind: 10753
Part No: PLL18BL
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Product Summary

Actual Wattage
18 W
Cap/Base Type
4 Pin
44 mm
225 mm
Multi Tube
Ultra Violet Fluorescent Tubes

PLL 18 Watt Blacklight

from Insect-O-Cutor (Model: PLL18BL)
This Blacklight PLL Compact Fluorescent Lamp is a very efficient, reliable and durable lighting solution. This PLL 2G11 bulb is rated at 18 Watts (60W Equivalent), the perfect alternative to a standard incandescent or fluorescent lamp. The compact size of this bulb is well suited to applications where a compact light source is required. This lamp offers savings of up to 80% in energy usage compared to an incandescent and an impressive 8000 hour lamp life. Applications include insect-o-cutor units and special effects.

Technical Specifications

for PLL 18 Watt Blacklight

Actual Wattage 18 W
Application Insectocutors
Cap/Base 2G11
Cap/Base Type 4 Pin
Colour Blacklight
Colour Blacklight 350
Diameter 44 mm
Length 225 mm
Manufacturer Insect-O-Cutor
Manufacturers Average Lamp Life 8000 hrs
Shape Multi Tube
Shape (Landing) Multi Tube
Style U Bend
Type Ultra Violet Fluorescent Tubes

Product Barcodes

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U18W L022

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By (United Kingdom), 8th September, 2018
Did exactly what it said on the box

By (Greece), 11th August, 2013
product is very good! ..doing work!

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