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PLL Compact Fluorescent Lamp 36 Watt Multiphosphor Daylight 950

5 stars, 1 customer reviews
Lumens 2800
PLL Compact Fluorescent Lamp 36 Watt Multiphosphor Daylight 950
Quick Find: 7829
Part No: PLL36W4P950

5 stars, 1 customer reviews

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Quick Find: 7829
Part No: PLL36W4P950


Cap/Base Type
4 Pin

Colour Temp
5000 K

CRI Rating
> 80


415 mm

Light Bulb Type
Multi Tube (Long Single Turn)

Light Colour
American Daylight (850/855)

2800 lm

Leading Brand

Compact Fluorescent

Light Bulb

220-240 Volt

36 W

38 mm

PLL Compact Fluorescent Lamp 36 Watt Multiphosphor Daylight 950 from Leading Brand

Model: PLL36W4P950

This Multiphospor Daylight Watt PLL Compact Fluorescent Lamp features a superior 5000 Kelvin colour temperature that is ideally suited to applications where the recreation of daylight is a necessity, e.g. graphic design and art work. This lamp is rated at 36 Watts and offers energy savings of 80% compared to an incandescent lamp.

Technical Specifications

Light Bulb Type Multi Tube (Long Single Turn)
Technology Compact Fluorescent
Wattage 36 W
Manufacturer Leading Brand
Light Colour American Daylight (850/855)
Dimming? Non-Dimmable
Lumens 2800 lm
Colour Temp 5000 K
Length 415 mm
Cap/Base Type 4 Pin
Type Light Bulb
Manufacturers Average Lamp Life 8000 hrs
Voltage 220-240 Volt
Warranty 1 Year
Width 38 mm
CRI Rating > 80
Cap/Base 2G11

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Alternative Stock Identifier Part Codes

FSL36950 E050


For PLL Compact Fluorescent Lamp 36 Watt Multiphosphor Daylight 950



Frequently Asked Questions

We make every effort in answering your questions.

Can I swap my compact fluorescent bulb for a higher/lower wattage?

Fri Jul 2015

Unfortunately not, because all CFL lamps needs to be matched to a specific fitting. You could however change the colour temperature to a cooler colour which will result in a higher lumen output. For example if you change from 2700k to 6000k you ...

I need a light bulb for my UV nail dryer… What type do I need?

Fri Jul 2015

To replace dead UV light bulbs in a nail dryer you will need a blacklight type bulb. Nail dryers take one of two types of bulbs which are either PLS or PLL type. The two types of blacklight bulbs can be identified by how many pins your lamp has. P ...

What are daylight light bulbs used for?

Thu Jul 2016

Daylight light bulbs are a popular choice for those wanting a light, bright atmosphere. Perfect for use in schools and other educational establishments, daylight bulbs have been shown to increase concentration levels and reduce eye strain and headach ...


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for PLL Compact Fluorescent Lamp 36 Watt Multiphosphor Daylight 950

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1 Reviews
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5 / stars

These bulbs are becoming more and more difficult to find but BLT seems to be bucking the trend and offering a fairly wide range. As well as their in house brands they have several versions by some of the biggest names in the business at very competitive prices. So next time you need a Compact t5 for a light unit get these guys to supply them. They also stock several different types of the impossible to find mounting clips for them although it\'s not easy to find them on the site. A link would be helpful guys.

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